I’ve been so confused, no wonder I can’t lose weight! Two of my close friends are both getting healthy by giving up pop, making slightly better food choices, and exercising. I’ve had doctors telling me not to worry about exercise but to overhaul my diet, doctors telling me I should be a vegetarian, doctors telling me to cut sodium 100% out of my diet, doctors telling me to pay for a weight loss treatment center I can’t afford and one doctor telling me to make better choices and exercise every day even if it’s for just 10 minutes. That one doctor that believes in moderation and exercise? She’s my psychiatrist!

It makes perfect sense. I know from experience that exercise makes me feel better and feeling better helps me make better choices. It was just so hard to ignore all of the other doctors that should know better. I was on the verge of overhauling my diet again. I stopped and remembered how many times I have done exactly that and it has backfired every time. I will make some improvements to my diet including lowering my sodium, adding more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, and monitoring my portions better.

The last thing I truly focused on health-wise was stopping the binge eating. I would say that at this point, it is 90% gone. I can’t eat the quantity I used to even if I wanted to and I’m finding it easier to distract myself in the evenings. I know it helps that, through therapy, I am feeling my emotions rather than stuffing them in my mouth. The one weak area I seem to still have is when I’m tired. It took two months which felt like a long time but it’s breaking two decades of a bad habit!

I also know that exercise can help me sleep better and I need to use my light therapy again with the season changing. I shouldn’t have waited this long! I hardly see any daylight before work now and only about an hour afterwards. I’m sure it would help if I could get out of this basement office some during the day too!

So here’s my next steps: 1) use the light in the mornings, 2) work exercise back into my life.

I have a friend willing to go to the gym after work with me so I want to make that happen at least 3 days per week to start and build up from there. And days that I don’t go to the gym I need to spend at least 10 minutes on the treadmill at home. I also need to make a point to take my dog for a short walk when I get home. She doesn’t like the outdoors much and runs back in the house as quick as she can but it will do us both good to get some fresh air even if it’s already dark some days.


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