Nightmares, Part II

My sister was in labor and we’re sitting in a waiting room and they put something over my head to knock me out. When I come to she’s gone and they tell me she was ready but I wasn’t so I go through the door looking for her. It’s mostly dark in the room and there’s a line of beds filled with girls. I see her and she sits up and she looks weird to me and she hands me this baby that’s almost like a toddler. I give it back to her and she says something cryptic to me but I can’t remember it. It was that they had done something to her or the baby or both and watch out for them or find out what. The next thing I remember I’m in the parking lot going from one nurse to another and none of them will give me answers. I go back inside looking for my sister again but the beds are empty now and I come to a metal door with a glass window in it. My parents are on the other side and won’t give me answers and I’m trying to break the glass with a hammer. My dad swings back with an ax from the other side and it comes through the window and suddenly my sister who hadn’t been there a second before says “now look what you did, you got your dogs throat slit” and I turn to look and my dog had jumped up and the ax had slit her across the throat except she didn’t seem to be bleeding much. Next thing I know I’m on the floor trying to hold her and wanting to call the vet and I can’t figure out how to do both. I woke up then.

I sent my husband a text because he was in the living room with his headset on. I broke down crying about the time he opened the bedroom door. I don’t know since the dream was so unreal but I cried hard for a good long time. My husband just held me. When I could finally breathe again he brought me tissues, klonopin and ginger ale. I was still so disturbed that I curled up on the couch with him and stayed up for a few hours before managing a nap until my alarm went off for work.


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