Nightmares, Part I

The week before last I had a very troubling nightmare. I’ve been trying to put it out of my mind ever since. Last night I had another, even more disturbing nightmare. This is the first of the two.

I was home alone, in a small house on the beach but laid out much like our current one. It was completely dark outside. I hear teenage girls chanting on the beach and it sounds like they’re saying “hey norton, we’re waiting on a murder charge” over and over. My first thought is that they’re on their way to some kind of protest. Then suddenly there’s a small group of them chanting this right outside my patio door and I realize it’s meant for me and I pull the curtain closed real quick. They move to the other side to another door and as I pull that curtain closed there’s a camera flash and I see one girl’s face. There’s a gap in the curtain and her face is pressed against the door now and I yell “I’ll get my gun” and they change their chant to “bite the bullet, you’ll get the bullet” over and over. I run from the room and that’s when I wake up.

I wake up breathing hard and remembering every detail vividly and still haunted by the chanting. It was hours before I went back to sleep and even the next day my memory of the nightmare was clear as it could be.


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