Heightened Drama

The book I am currently reading explains one of several reasons for compulsive eating and never being able to get to a healthy weight and stay there is the need for drama in our lives because that is what we are accustomed to and we have come to need it. We’re only comfortable when that drama is present, even if that means harming ourselves to create the drama. Now, I understand this to an extent and especially for some people. My father is always looking to create drama where there is none. And I would agree that I need a certain amount of drama to not be bored. However, I often feel overwhelmed by drama and as if I can’t handle it. I’m only now discovering that the difference is the drama I create versus the drama I cannot control. This is no way to live! I have to learn how to handle the outside drama because it can’t always be avoided such as when it’s due to work. But I also have to learn to live without creating drama for myself, no matter how big or small.


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