Well, I certainly didn’t mean to let most of a week go by without posting! It’s been a crazy week. I have a little side business and I was distracted by stuff involving that for most of Tuesday. Wednesday I had my Lasik and went home and to sleep right afterwards. Thursday I was so happy I had taken the day off. I had a follow-up eye appointment and a psychiatrist appointment, then spent the afternoon at home cleaning and resting my eyes and babying my dog when she freaked out about thunder. My eyes feel gritty but I’m seeing with 20/20 vision. The eye doc said my tear film is not lasting as long as it should which just means my eyes are staying dry so I’m using drops more often to help with that. Otherwise, things looked good and I will go back again next week. My psychiatrist made no changes to my meds, and honestly, I haven’t been back from vacation long enough to know if anything I’m feeling is normal. She did want to talk to my primary care doctor though. She was concerned that we’re not being aggressive enough in getting my BP and heart rate down so that I can exercise. She knows how much being active helps with mental health. She thought it was likely just because this doctor doesn’t know me that well yet so she was going to call her yesterday. I will see my primary care doctor on Tuesday so I’m hoping she’s ready to move forward with beta blockers then. She had been afraid of them because they can cause depression but that’s pretty well under control. I’m looking forward to a calm weekend at home so I can cook and clean and my husband will have time to work on his trucks. Hope you have a great weekend too!


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