I wish I was still at the lake! We had some minor issues with the cottage we rented (the floor had some tricky soft spots and the road down was super steep) but it was still a great value for the price. The best part was walking right down half a flight of stairs and out the walkway onto the dock. One of my nephews spent all week with us and his brother and my sister and her husband were also with us the other five days. Various other family members came up to the lake on different days to hang out and swim and we had so much fun with everyone. We only went out to eat once and cooked the rest of our dinners and had sandwiches for lunches between swims. The boys all got to do lots of fishing and tricks off the diving boards too. I got a bit of a sunburn and my tan looks odd since I didn’t lay out at all and it’s just the top side of my arms, shoulders, and face. The underside of my arms are still pale. I only had one really bad day mentally and I ended up isolating myself most of that day. I just can’t handle that much stimulus for an extended period I think. I’m used to a lot of privacy and time alone and peace and quiet. That day it was five adults and five kids and I had woken up feeling off to begin with. Overall, I think I handled it pretty well. I also didn’t overeat and my blood pressure stayed down most of the trip. I’m further convinced my blood pressure is lower when I get more activity. I also met another half-sister that I hadn’t met previously. It was only because we ran into her and her husband the one night that we did go out. She probably thought I was a little rude. Honestly, she’s had so many opportunities to meet me and has said she was coming but never shows up so I just don’t have any emotional investment. I didn’t say anything rude, she probably just expected more enthusiasm. Once she got into a conversation with my sister, I sort of tuned out. She’s not the only one I haven’t met and it’s okay. I drive all the way down there, my sister invites them over, they don’t show. I’m happy to have the relationships that I do have with my sister and a couple of my half-sisters. Well, time to finish up some work so I can get back on track!


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