Maybe vacation will keep the crazies at bay

Things have been slightly better since I last posted but very inconsistent. I’m all over the place. Fortunately I have managed to be productive at work and my desk is clear before leaving. I have not stuck to my eating plan as well as I would have liked but I have not binged once so it’s progress for me.

Tomorrow my husband and I (and our dog) will head south to spend a full week at a cottage on the lake. My favorite sister (full sister but not the twin I grew up with) and her husband and one of their sons should be at the cottage with us most of the week. Her other son has football camp so he’ll come up to visit when he can. I am hoping my brother, half-siblings and their spouses can all come up and spend some time. If not, I may also go down to see them since the lake is only 30 minutes from the town they all live in. This is how you combine vacation and family! My father (adoptive) and twin sister probably don’t remember I will be there this week and that’s okay. I thought I might want to see my father for lunch one day but I’m just not ready. It’s been three and a half months since we’ve spoken. Maybe on the next trip. I’m very excited. This is the first long vacation I’ve had in over 15 years. My husband and I occasionally go somewhere for a night, three nights at most. We did go to his sister’s house last Christmas for a week but I don’t really count it as a vacation when you’re on someone else’s timetable, doing all the things they want to do, and staying in their house where you feel like you have to be a good guest. I just can’t relax like that.  I’m also excited the cottage has a screened porch, a deck, a firepit and a dock and swimming pier. It sounds like we will have everything we could possibly want without having to run all over the place. The one thing it does not have is internet so I won’t be blogging. It will be tough because I spend so much time “connected” but I think it will be a healthy break.

One hour of work left and I am off to pack my bags and car! See you in a week.


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