DASH Day 2

First to catch up on the end of Day 1. I ate a few slices of bacon my husband left in the refrigerator. Anything really salty like that is a major trigger for me. My sodium was higher than planned because of it. I skipped out on part of the bread I was supposed to have, and wasn’t hungry enough for my dessert (fruit) and forgot to have my skim milk with dinner so I was still okay on calories.  Overall, I have to call it successful. No, it wasn’t ideal. But for me to eat 95% healthy, stay in my calorie range and not binge eat is a major accomplishment. Baby steps!

Day 2: I cut back on my bread at breakfast (and cut the crust off for lunch). I can’t wait until this loaf is gone, I will never buy this stuff again! Unfortunately I also ran out the door and forgot to drink a cup of skim milk. I’ve been fighting a little bit of hunger all day. So far I have resisted going to the cafeteria and buying a carton of skim milk and they are about to close. We’ll see after work whether or not this was a huge mistake. If I am starving when I leave work, I have to get something, it takes me 45 minutes to get home. My backup plan right now is to stop and buy skim milk at the gas station to drink on my commute home if I absolutely have to have something. If I only do that I will still be on track. My smoothie (Green Elvis) and dinner (quinoa, tilapia, beets, asparagus) were both delicious last night and tonight is a repeat so I’m looking forward to it.

My blood pressure was back up last night (even before the bacon). I’ve basically come to the conclusion that activity played a large role in keeping it down on Sunday. Sitting all day at work is brutal. After I come back from vacation (for financial reasons), I will have to find some shoes I can walk in and sneak in more activity and time away from my desk. It’s really hard in such a small department and I’ve been reluctant because the shoes I’m wearing are seriously falling apart and make my feet hurt.


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