DASH Day 1

Here I am about halfway through the first day of following the dash diet eating plan and already learning some lessons.

1. Nothing can make cucumbers and radishes taste good to me.

2. Bread that doesn’t taste like dirt is worth doing a little more driving.

3. A little tiny bit of caffeine really is necessary in my life.

I am so hoping that the rest of the day is better in terms of not feeling like I’m eating dirt. Okay, this is mostly the bread’s fault and I’m not eating any more of it today. I bought the only low sodium kind in my usual store and next time I will drive across town for more variety. I am determined to eat it the rest of this week though because it cost too much to just toss out.

I did have a fairly good weekend going into this. I was very productive yesterday and did a lot of food prep to make this week easier on myself. I was more active than I usually am on a Sunday as well. Last night, my blood pressure way WAY down. I don’t know if it’s the new medication, eating better (I wasn’t strict over the weekend but much better than usual), or being more active. Regardless, I am going to keep working on all three. Now, I just have to get through this week and vacation starts Saturday morning. Can’t wait!


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