Frustrated and Hopeful

This is the story of my life right now. The website I was using to plan my meals is pretty inaccurate about a lot of things. Earlier today I got so frustrated that I had to take a klonopin and a break. I finally came to the conclusion that building my own database and tracking system was the only thing that would meet my needs. I mean, who tracks magnesium? But, it’s important to get enough because of the effect it can have on my blood pressure.  Hours upon hours and I have 5 days entered so far. I’ll take it one week at a time. I know, eventually, it will get much easier since I will only have to research each food item once and then have it in my own system to reuse. It’s so frustrating too that both the book I bought and the dietitian I’ve talked to say eggs are great, and that it’s fine to eat 2 per day. Ummm, not is you’re watching your cholesterol. 1 large egg has 211mg. Your daily limit should be about 300 mg. Add tilapia at dinner, nonfat milk, etc and there’s way to stay under 300 even with just 1 egg. So I plan to do my omelet with half egg and half egg substitute. Wow! I wish I understood why it’s necessary to add over 100mg of sodium to 1/4 cup of egg substitute. I hate the food industry, I really do. I’ve got my meal plan as close as I possibly can to all of the requirements and it takes hours. I have a lot of concerns. Especially how much time it will take me to cook all of my meals. That’s a big one for me as I just don’t have the time and energy. I’m going to prep what I can on Sunday but that’s frustrating as well since I only see my husband on Saturday and Sunday and it will take time away from him. I don’t have a lot of faith that I will stay motivated knowing how much work this is going to be. But at least I have the planning part done. And I know I have a desperate need to do something.


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