Tuesday only got worse. I had a doctor’s appointment and my blood pressure and heart rate were higher even than last time despite the new medication so she insisted on an EKG. I’m not allowed to exercise now as it is too dangerous for my heart. We reviewed my blood work and although my labs looked good a year ago, I am now pre-diabetic, have very high triglycerides, and decreased liver function. We’ve changed the blood pressure medication again and I return on the 31st. I was devastated when I left. I’ve yo-yo dieted over the past year and have apparently done myself more harm than good. It was also quite a blow after what my husband had said to me just two nights before.

Wednesday my husband was comforting and apologetic and I think we’ve moved past things. I’ve explained to him that I need him to show me support and not just tell me he supports me and then suggest we go out to eat and lay on the couch. I did a little research as well and ended up choosing to go buy “The DASH Diet Action Plan.” It seems to be the best for managing all of the conditions involved and not just one or the other. I managed to finish the book before I went to sleep. I also came to my senses and realized that no exercise does not mean no activity. As long as I’m not raising my heart rate, there is no reason I can’t walk more throughout the day and do things like yoga.

I’ve spent all day today planning. I have a meal plan for week 1 and week 3. Week 2 I am on vacation with family and, with my husband’s support, will simply have to do the very best I can. My family is pretty big on natural foods and not processed foods and I don’t have all that much appetite in the heat, so I think I will get by okay.

My follow up doctor’s appointment is early in week 4 and all I can hope is that my blood pressure and heart rate have come to a safer level. I’ve found the gym I want to join because of their price, location, pool, and availability of evening pool and yoga classes. I’m eager to get started while I have this momentum.

I know that I have a long and difficult road ahead of me. I hope that the new therapist I will meet on the 31st will be a good match to help me through it. I have so much to learn.


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