Funky Friday

What a long strange week it’s been! The ups and downs have been exhausting. It appears I am probably going grocery shopping after work which is exciting because for several Fridays in a row, I’ve had too much swelling to go walk and have headed straight home to the recliner. (I know, I lead an exciting life.)

We had a staff meeting at work today that was a little more intense than usual. Some new policies were put in place but they’re things I already do so it won’t affect me much. Then we were told we’re as much at risk as everyone else for the layoffs coming this fall. It makes me anxious but I’ve already made my peace with it and my plan for if it happens.

Not much to look forward to this weekend. My husband will be working on the cars. The temperature will be 100+ so we won’t get out much. Okay, so the only thing I am looking forward to is not having to come to work. I guess I need to get some movies to watch. Maybe I will finally get some things moved around in the house but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Hope you all have a more exciting weekend planned!


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