Motivation Monday

Talk about perfect timing! I managed to wash and dry my Fitbit the week before last and couldn’t salvage it. Fitbit was so awesome that they sent me a brand new one at no cost. It also means I now have the ultra instead of the original model. It arrived on Friday and we were a little busy so I charged it Saturday but didn’t sync it until Sunday. I put it on before bed so I could start out with a full day’s data (it runs midnight to midnight). First bathroom break of the workday and I decided to use the one upstairs instead of the one down the hall. I’m pretty proud of myself, I’m the person who always takes the elevator and I didn’t this time. I’m hoping to make that my new routine if I can keep feeling well enough. Also hoping the extra activity throughout the day will help keep down the swelling that has been making me miserable at work.

So why am I starting to feel better? My blood pressure was still pretty high Saturday and the swelling was still uncomfortable although I moved more often and elevated my legs a lot more. It wasn’t as painful as when I sit at work all day. Well, that kind of tipped me off that being sedentary at work is having a major effect on me. My psychiatrist also doubled the dose of my mood stabilizer last Thursday. Now, I am still on a baby dose but I noticed when I first started it that I had more mood swings (some bad but quite a few good too) the first week or so. I’m hoping today is not purely just a good mood swing. On Saturday I also purchased some Coromega Heart. I’ve taken omega-3 before and felt better but I always quit because it was so gross. I can’t swallow pills so I was basically taking shots of lemon and fish flavored oil. No bueno. SMH. The Coromega comes in packets that you squeeze into your mouth. It’s orange flavored, tangy, and a little thick. Imagine a bunch of it would make a great base for a smoothie (but don’t go overdosing!). Anyway, I was really pleasantly surprised. This stuff is good, no fishy taste or smell whatsoever. It tastes good and it’s super convenient. It’s the first time I have taken anything with CoQ10 in it so we will see. I will be watching how I feel and tracking my blood pressure.

Overall, I feel pretty good today so far (it is only 11am). I just need to really work on staying this motivated so I can see some results.

Hope you all are feeling as good!


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