Finally Friday

And I am almost done with work for the week. It’s been a long week and I am so happy to get out of here! My husband will be gone tomorrow so I will have myself a girl’s day in and get quality time with him on Sunday.

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and we are working on finding me a new therapist and adjusting my medication. Looking for a new therapist can be overwhelming! I looked at the provider list from my insurance and it has over 200 names and no information except the basics. I wish there was somewhere you could look them up to see what each person specializes in and something about their style/techniques. All I know at this point is what I don’t want and that’s not very helpful.

My blood pressure has been extra high this week so I’m reworking my meal plan to try to cut sodium out next week and it’s really hard. I love salt. Crave it even. And I truly am not a big fan of sweets. I enjoy them in small doses here and there.

Well, I sure hope everyone has a great weekend!


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