Weight Loss Wednesday

Well I obviously don’t have a loss to report since I just came back. This week is baseline. I have taken the time to set up some new goals though and thinking through them helped me realize this doesn’t have to be so difficult. Goal #1 is to work out at least 15 minutes, 5 days per week. Now that may sound like nothing to you, but I’ve been doing almost nothing. My blood pressure is so high that I don’t even feel like walking to my car after work (yes, I’m seeing a doctor about it). Maintaining this will help me get into a routine. I also want to vary my workouts to prevent boredom and give me options for days when I feel better or worse. My options right now include a dance game for xbox, a yoga video, a treadmill, free weights, floor exercises and longer walks with our dog. Goal #2 is to binge eat no more than 2 times per week. Okay this is probably nothing to you guys out there but it’s a huge issue for me. Right now I probably binge eat 3-5 times a week. There are days when I get home and start eating and don’t stop until I get in bed. If I can meet both of these goals for 8 weeks, my husband is buying me an ipod touch. Right now I am using an ipod shuffle and I would really love to have the extra storage and all the apps. I’ll keep you updated!


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