The difference a year makes

I could change “a year” to “a day” and it would be the exact same thing. Things change so fast! What I never imagined a day ago and never thought possible a year ago is reality today.

It was just before Christmas when I saw my psychiatrist and we talked about adding another medication because things just weren’t working. In the end we decided to reset. To wipe the slate clean and see where we were at. I began tapering off the medications I was taking and preparing myself for the worst. In early January I returned, feeling good and with a positive perspective. We decided to stretch out our visits and see if I could maintain. At the same time, I felt so positive that I told my therapist I didn’t feel the need to see him so much. We decided to stretch that out as well. No appointments for 3 months. It was like a breath of fresh air.

Well, 8 years of medication and therapy sure did something for me! Here it is almost March, a whole month since my last visit. I still feel good, I still feel positive. What I’ve learned is that it is not possible to live a life without struggles. Things will happen, there will be bad days. What is important is how I cope with them and that gets better and better.

Today I’m still taking it one day at a time. I’m learning every day. Not just coping skills but I am finally learning how to feel happy. For today, it’s enough (a thrill even) that seeing my coral manicure makes me smile.


Freshen Up!

I finally changed the name of the blog along with the direction, the look, everything really. I want to focus on the positive. It’s not the only change I’ve made recently either. Since my last post, I have changed jobs, changed my last name, and changed my hair (bangs!). We even booked a real summer vacation. Oh yeah, I quit taking antidepressants too, and cut way down on how often I go to therapy with the intent of stopping altogether by the end of the year. And then! Then, we bought a monster of a motorcycle! So here I am again, ready to play, to show you what I pin, to plan fun stuff, and share my progress. Come along!