I had decided to let the blog go. After all, I have maybe one reader. And that was fine. But then so much was happening in my life and I couldn’t make enough sense of any of it to write it down here. I gave up. Now I realize this was helping with my weight loss. And while the other issues affect my weight loss because I’m so sensitive to stress, I don’t have to write them all here. They can wait until I’m ready. I guess what I’m saying is I’ve decided to come back. I just have to compartmentalize and not feel obligated to put everything down in writing.


One thought on “Decisions

  1. Hi Jenn, yea remember this blog is for you. I know I haven’t been the best with commenting but I do read all your posts. I’ve been in my own stress/anxiety/funk lately myself and sometimes it’s hard to pull ourselves out of that. Just keep doing the right thing for yourself and you’ll be fine. I’m here too if you ever just wanted to email privately too I know sometimes it’s just nice having the one on one conversations too.

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