What’s in a name?

I’ve been debating changing the name on my blog. I meant loser in the sense of losing weight, but I still think of the negative connotation anyway. And I’ve realized that I have a lot more to say than just talking about trying to lose weight. My mental health, for example, is a huge part of my life that needs an outlet. I’m trying to think up something I like and hoping it will come to me when I’m ready.



I had decided to let the blog go. After all, I have maybe one reader. And that was fine. But then so much was happening in my life and I couldn’t make enough sense of any of it to write it down here. I gave up. Now I realize this was helping with my weight loss. And while the other issues affect my weight loss because I’m so sensitive to stress, I don’t have to write them all here. They can wait until I’m ready. I guess what I’m saying is I’ve decided to come back. I just have to compartmentalize and not feel obligated to put everything down in writing.