Southern Girl

I would call it a successful weekend trip since I’m already applying for jobs within 2 hours of my family (the biological one, not the adoptive one even though it would be closer to them too). I’ve always wanted a big family and I feel like I have one now. We’re not as close as we would be if I had known them longer, but it’s a process. I haven’t met everyone and I may not like everyone but I love those who I have met. I don’t mean to crush my adoptive family here though. I moved out of Alabama because of them (that’s a whole other post). But I feel like 1-2 hours would be a safe distance away to see them when I did want to without getting too close again. It was so nice too just being back in the south, appreciating my surroundings and the weather and people’s mannerisms. It was nice to sit on the front porch and visit for hours at a time, to cook and eat as a large group, to feel welcome and wanted. When I visit my adoptive family (and I did twice for short periods over the weekend) I am either ignored, vented to, whined to, expected to work or solve problems, or yelled at. I can’t stay away entirely because I love my nephew but I impose boundaries and stick to them.
Actually getting a job down there is more complicated. My husband has to be able to transfer to probably either Huntsville, AL or Tupelo, MS. And while he wants to be there, he’s worked hard where he is and it will be difficult and bittersweet for him if it’s even possible to do. I’m jumping the gun and that will probably scare him. Timing will be sensitive. I’ve told my husband I will be happy if we just make this happen in the next 5-10 years.
I feel good again, like I might have a bright future. Certainly doesn’t hurt it would be closer to Kelly’s family when they move in the next couple years too.


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