Holding Steady

I still haven’t crashed. I’m beginning to think it’s possible that the Abilify is working and that the end of my last post was also a true breakthrough. I still can’t sleep well since starting the new med and I’m not too worried about it right now because I’m not overly tired. I’m just slightly worried the lack of sleep will eventually have negative effects such as causing tiredness and an increase in appetite. Otherwise I’m really doing quite well. My weight is starting to ease down the scale again. I really do have to do something about these pants as they almost fell down a few minutes ago walking down the hallway. That would be so embarrassing. I’m working out twice a day now in order to have time and it feels pretty good. I only got on the treadmill once on Saturday and took a break on Sunday. I’m not eating overly healthy foods but not bad for me either. It’s pretty moderate I guess and it’s the compromise I make for wanting to provide planned meals for myself and my husband. I’m really watching portion control and not eating until I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full. It takes a lot of focus and awareness for me but I’m doing it. And that itself is real progress.


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