Getting Better

I took my last antibiotic yesterday and I’m really feeling so much better than I was last week. Unfortunately I’m still tired and still coughing. But this week I’m dedicating myself to getting back on track. I want to be fully back into tracking everything I eat, eating a more balanced diet (chicken noodle soup just doesn’t cut it 3 meals a day), and working out, by the end of the week. I’ve been really frustrated with my husband because as much as compromise on what we cook so that it’s somewhat healthy/balanced for me but he’s willing to eat it, we’re still throwing out a crazy amount of leftovers every week. It’s wasteful and it’s not just the money that bothers me. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. Well, his mother spent Saturday with us and I had mentioned this to her. She was talking about how she asks friends to freeze their leftovers for her because she works three jobs and the most time she has to dedicate to cooking is microwaving a can of soup. Not bad, but the sodium doesn’t leave her feeling great either. So tonight I’m going to buy some containers to freeze our extra food in and package it up for her. She about an hour and a half away so I’ll have to make arrangements to see her about every other week or so. I feel so much better that I can quit wasting the food and help her out at the same time. And eventually, if my husband continues being so stubborn, I will cook for myself and my mother-in-law and let my husband fend for himself. After all, he clearly doesn’t appreciate the effort and I know that she will. I’m also kind of hoping that knowing someone else with health problems will be sharing my food, that it will help motivate me to make recipes healthier and more balanced and really think about what we need to fuel our bodies.


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