I certainly didn’t mean to go so long without a post. I was trying to catch up with things when I got back in town and before I knew it I was sick. SO sick. The doctor said it’s a virus, let it run it’s course, but seriously? I’ve missed 2 days of work and an entire weekend. I’m not cooking, not exercising, not even sleeping except a few hours here and there on the couch because I have to be sitting up. My chest is inflamed and breathing deep feels like I’m being stabbed. My voice is almost completely gone. Obviously my weight loss is stalled. I’m not eating much but I’m not moving at all. And I feel like crap because of it. I’m looking forward to getting back on the treadmill and doing lots of outdoor walking since the weather is so nice.

My trip was mostly a success. I arrived in time for dinner Friday and went out with my dad, sister, her boyfriend and her son. I told my dad the restaurant he was driving towards was a bad idea but he ignored me. My sister hated it as I knew she would and was in a bad mood the whole time. Saturday morning I got in a fight with my dad and we all took off for my nephew’s football game with us not on speaking terms. The upside was that I spent some time talking to my sister which never happens. We don’t see eye to eye on almost anything at all. They won the game and we headed home. I showered and took my time rejoining everyone because I knew my dad was still being mean and I didn’t want to make things worse. By the time I joined them, he was trying to be nice again and asked me to go to dinner with him and my nephew. We had lunch with my sister and her boyfriend at the house and all relaxed and hung out for a few hours. Then we headed out for a late dinner. Dad wouldn’t give me a chance to look up directions and we ended up on the phone trying to get help while yelling at each other because he wouldn’t stop driving long enough to find an address. Eventually we found the restaurant and calmed down. Dinner was very good and I think I liked the restaurant a lot more than my dad although he seemed pretty happy. We mis-communicated a lot and he spent most of the time complaining about my sister. We drove home and he went to bed. I read while my nephew watched a movie and fell asleep. There were a few hours Sunday morning where I desperately didn’t want to be there. I was in the worst of my funk, missing my husband, and my family was ignoring me. I couldn’t help wondering why I bothered to make the trip. I was in no mood to drive up to see my other (biological) family. Well, I decided to take my nephew with me. If anyone could keep me from feeling worse, it’s him. And I’m glad I went. I’ll have to continue this part of the story tomorrow as it gets complicated.


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