And so the struggles continue… I managed better than usual (so far). Last night at 9:30 our foster dog collapsed. The poor guy has had one health problem after another and has collapsed once before so I didn’t panic at first. After a few minutes, I saw this wasn’t like the previous episode. Instead of bouncing back after a minute, he was staying down, twitching, coherent, but unsteady with pupils dilated wild. An hour and 3 phone calls with the rescue coordinator later, I was on the phone with the emergency vet making arrangements to meet him at the clinic. The medications he is on had built up to toxic levels in his system and he had to be treated as an overdose and kept for observation and further treatment. It was a long and stressful evening and I don’t want to think about the bill, I just hope he’s feeling better soon and we can bring him home. I made it to bed about 1:00am only to get up from 3-4am when my husband got home from work so I could catch him up on what was happening. The old Jenn wouldn’t have come to work today but I made it, and on time even. I did eat a poor breakfast but made up for it quickly (as far as calories, not nutrition) by not having my usual morning snack. I’m exhausted and the real test will be tonight when I’m really feeling miserable and wanting something comforting. Hopefully my body will accept some doggie cuddles, an early bedtime and maybe a hot bath instead of convincing me I really deserve that big bowl of pasta.


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