Always a Struggle

I had another dentist appointment yesterday. Why did I ever let my teeth get in such bad shape? I’ve had six fillings done in the last three weeks and still have eight left to be done. I don’t really understand why having them done causes me so much pain. The dentist always warns me about sensitivity and that kind of thing. Fine. I expected to be able to open my mouth far enough to take advil though. The meal plan for the rest of the week has been completely thrown off. Last night sucked as I ate whatever I could find and none of it was healthy. My husband took pity on me and went to the store though so today I had lentil soup for lunch. Fortunately we have leftover couscous in the fridge so tonight I will toss it with some peas and a little bit of parmesan and it won’t be such a bad dinner.

It just feels like there is always something new throwing me off track, something new to overcome. And sometimes I wonder if I’m a wimp and life is just like this. Sometimes I wonder if I’m making mountains out of molehills and using these things as excuses for bad behavior.

I’ve decided for now that I just don’t have the coping skills to deal with these setbacks but I can learn them. That’s right. I will practice. I WILL get to a point where throwing together a healthy meal is second nature.


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