Men Suck

Oh, not really. They’re just a bad influence. I’ve always had mostly male friends and I consider my husband my best friend. I love that they are so laid back and drama free and the way that rubs off on me. The problem is that I can be too laid back around my husband and male friends. For example, last night, I ate an entire dinner order of chinese food. Just battered and deep fried chicken in sauce and fried rice, a couple broccoli florets that didn’t do much to balance it. I’m too comfortable with my husband about food. I give myself permission around him to have anything I want and to eat as much as I want. And I put weight back on every weekend for it. The worst part is, I feel miserable when I do it. And I suspect that will be the case even before I do it but for some reason that’s not enough to stop me. It’s a horrible habit that I have to find a way to break.

I don’t see my husband hardly at all during the week because I work 8am-5pm and he works 5pm-2am. On one hand, I miss him. On the other, I’m healthier during the week. But I’m undoing all my hard work every weekend. 5 days is not enough to firmly establish good habits that can override the bad ones I have on Saturday and Sunday. I’m too comfortable. It’s too easy to curl up with a movie and our dogs. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been saying all day we should go for a bike ride when the temperature drops at dusk. I trade it all for the couch, a carton of chinese food, my husband and our furkids. There has to be a better way. I really do believe that it is key for me to break this pattern if I’m going to succeed and I just have to figure out how.


5 thoughts on “Men Suck

  1. Thanks for your comment about the melatonin. I have some actually and did try it a few times but it didn’t seem to help much but I will give it another try, thanks for reminding me about it. So may I ask how much you have to lose. I read through your posts and was just wondering. Also, is your husband overweight? I know my husband and I use to be big eating buddies, it’s tough sometimes.

    • I have 188 pounds to lose total and I’m down 11 so far. It will be a long ride! My husband could probably lose about 100 pounds himself but he’s not really willing to put in as much effort. We had a long talk yesterday about how I give myself permission to eat poorly around him because of the way he eats and then I feel horrible for doing it. Any tips on getting past that?

      • I’m sorry I’m so long in getting back here, I sometimes seem to lose my way to new people’s blogs. I say do what you need to do for yourself. If you want whole wheat pasta then fix it for YOU. I’m the main cook in my house and I cook for ME and if everyone else wants to eat they will eat what I fix. It was a long process getting my husband on board. I think the final straw was the day I threw the bags of junk food he brought home out onto the front porch and told him “don’t bring that crap in the house again”. He was mad but also shocked but I had told him again and again to stop buying the crap. He seemed to get my point that time and after that he didn’t bring junk home. For me it’s about not having it in the house. If I really want something I have to actually give thought and go get it so it makes it harder to eat poorly.

        I do know about giving yourself permission too and hubby and I still do that at times but again we do it outside of the house.

  2. For some reason it wouldn’t let me post more than that, I guess I talk to much lol. I think in the beginning of losing weight its the toughest time. I think it’s great you are going to therapy I know that was a huge help to me. I also know in the beginning exercise because a huge help to me too. I walked 30 mins 7 days a week and I made it a MUST for me just like brushing my teeth or taking a shower would be. I think exercise really empowers a person not to mention for me it became a substitute for sweets and a mood booster.

    If you ever want to email with me you are welcome to.

  3. Thanks for all your support! You’re so right. I’m going to have to tell my husband to suck it up or cook for himself. I don’t think I can ban his junk from the house because it’s staple like white pasta that keep him from spending more by eating out but fortunately the junk foods he likes and the ones I like really aren’t the same.

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