Already I’m not very good at this every day thing. Seems if I don’t bookmark the site and remember the log in, it’s a bit of trouble.

Anyway, no weight lost yet this week. I’m burning enough calories but not eating as well. I’m struggling to eat enough during the day but then I get home and suddenly I’m hungry. I need to get better about having dinner prepped so I don’t grab snacks. And now that I’m not in school, I need to make a point to go for a walk, get on the treadmill, use the crossbow machine (anything really) in the evenings to keep myself busy and away from the snacks. It seems almost that it’s easier to control the emotional eating than the bored eating. Or possibly I’m just feeling less emotional 🙂

I have a therapy appointment this afternoon and I haven’t been in a while. Last time my husband went with me because we were having problems and I haven’t had the opportunity to catch up with my therapist or talk to him alone about it. On one hand, I know I need to go more regularly. On the other, I feel like this will be a wasted session because we’ll spend the hour just catching up and not actually doing any work. At least I will be done for the day an hour early so I can run to the grocery store for missing ingredients and hopefully have a productive night.

I need to figure out how to get back on track with losing weight instead of just maintaining. And it’s not that I don’t KNOW how, it’s just knowing how to enforce it. People say you will do it when you want it bad enough. Well, I promise I want it bad enough. I don’t think many people understand that emotional issues can really interfere. And again, it’s not like I’ve been real emotional lately, it’s just a general malaise. Maybe I should be searching for inspiration!


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