welcome to my world

Well, here we go! About a month ago I ordered a FitBit and met with a dietitian. And this is the first time I’ve stuck with a weight loss plan for a whole month in my life. My goal is to help it stick by journaling my progress and struggles here.

I’ve been heavy my whole life but the first time I remember focusing on being bigger than my peers was in the 3rd grade when we moved to a new city. I was trying to learn how to make new friends and felt like I didn’t fit in because I couldn’t help comparing myself to everyone else physically. I hated gym class throughout my education because it made me self conscious and I was focused on how uncoordinated I was along with my weight. Once I graduated high school and began life in the real world, things got even tougher. With every new job or relationship came another 15-20 pounds.

I’ve tried a little of everything that wasn’t expensive to lose weight. I went to Curves, I starved myself, I counted calories and I exercised. Even when it worked, it never lasted and I would gain more than I lost time and time again.

I’ve discovered some important things. First, any good plan should combine diet and exercise, not just one or the other. Second, there is too much nutrition information on the internet to be reliable. You will always find something that contradicts what you just read. Third, this is a long and slow process and it should be. I didn’t gain the weight overnight, I won’t lose it overnight either. Fourth, jumping in too fast or too deep is setting yourself up for failure. I would cut my calories too far back, feel like I was starving, and binge. Time after time after time. How did it take me so many years to see the pattern?

I’ll be back tomorrow….and the day after and the day after that and….you get the picture.


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